We work hard to start and end classes promptly on time, and we ask that students also try to be on time. There is no punishment for tardiness, but being late means students miss valuable practice time and often are behind during the lesson of the day. Prep-Zone will begin 5 minutes prior to each class start time, and students are expected to be in uniform and ready to begin.
  • Uniforms – Students are expected to wear their uniform top, pants, belt, and a black or red undershirt, to every class. The appropriate uniform for their rank is expected (black lightweight for white to orange belts, red/black middleweight for purple to green belts, and heavyweight for brown/black belts). Sparring uniforms will only be worn in sparring classes. Students not in uniform will not receive stripes, whether they have their belt or not.
  • Water – Water bottles are free for all, students and spectators alike. However, keeping the fridge full is a team effort. All it takes is one 24-pack per month per student. “If you drink it, bring it.”
  • Mats – Only students actively in class are allowed on the mats. Spectators/siblings, and students waiting before or after class will remain in spectator areas

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